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VIP IPS Board Release 4.0.4

IPS Board Release 4.0.4

  1. Beyond
    IPS4 Guides

    How to use IPS Community Suite
    Guides that cover core functionality of the IPS Community Suite, from installation through to advanced concepts and features for large communities.
    Getting Started 5 steps
    Welcome to the IPS Community Suite! This guide covers what you need to have a basic installation ready to use.
    Managing Members 5 steps
    Find out about the tools available to deal with members, from signing up through to permissions.
    Managing Your Community 4 steps
    In this guide, we cover the global options you can use to set up and configure your community after installation.
    Content Discovery 3 steps
    From the powerful Activity Stream to search, following content, and member notifications there are so many ways for your members to constantly find new content to enjoy.
    Promotion and SEO 5 steps
    Leverage options to enhance your search engine presence, social media sharing, and return visits from your members.
    File Management 4 steps
    There are multiple ways to store and manage member and system generated files in the Suite.
    Moderating Members and Content 6 steps
    Multiple tools are available to you and your Moderators to ensure a friendly, welcoming community.
    Member Preferences and Features 4 steps
    Once you have set up all your administrator options, your members have a huge selection of preferences and features in the Suite to use for finding and posting in your community.
    Suite Applications
    Get to grips with the features on offer in each individual application in the IPS Community Suite.
    Forums 6 steps
    Learn about the key features available in our flagship community application, Forums.





    Find out to build completely custom areas of your community using Pages, including a complete start-to-finish tutorial.

    Themes and Customizations
    Learn how to customize your community with themes and languages. Find them in our Marketplace, or create your own.
    Getting Started with Themes 7 steps
    Themes are normally the first port of call when customizing your community. This guide will help you get started.
    Advanced Theming 7 steps
    If you are a designer/developer looking to build custom themes, find out about the advanced tools we offer.
    Languages and Localization 9 steps
    The IPS Community Suite fully supports localization for users around the world. Discover how to use the language tools.
    Editor and Emoticons 7 steps
    Discover how to customize IPS4's powerful rich text editor and how to manage your emoticons.
    Tips & Tricks 2 steps
    Learn some useful tips & tricks for working with the IPS4 template engine beyond the basic changes you can make.
    Template syntax 7 steps
    HTML logic is our syntax for allowing more complex handling of HTML in templates. This guide covers the available features.
    Javascript Framework
    Developer documentation covering how to use and create code from IPS4's Javascript framework.
    CSS Framework 12 steps
    Developer documentation covering how to use the CSS classes available in the IPS Community Suite.
    Sidebar and Widgets

    Advanced Options
    Find out how to use the advanced tools and features available in the IPS Community Suite, especially for more demanding communities.
    Configuration Options 2 steps

    Special Options and Overrides

    Server Management 1 step

    Developing Plugins and Applications
    Introduction to the IPS Framework 1 step

    Creating Plugins

    Creating Applications

    Known Issues and Resolutions