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VIP Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 2015-12-23

Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS

  1. Beyond
    Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS
    Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS will allow your clients to perform multiple lookup and checkout for domain names in a single request. And all these in the entirely new domain order form in the WHMCS client area that supports gTLDs and ccTLDs! What is more, on the basis of searched domain names, inbuilt domain spinners based on eNom and OpenSRS will display your customers the suggestions that should interest them. This is a must-have functionality that may change your whole business!

    Furthermore, Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS will let you group various domains into categories, make bulk actions on multiple domains as well as add and configure your own domain lookup submodules or use predefined ones like OpenSRS or eNom. In this way, you will be able to easily adjust our product to your own needs and preferences. Possibility to import predefined TLD sets and filter your domains will definitely facilitate the use of the module.

    Make your offered services more attractive and give your clients completely new user experience. Go for Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS to allow your customers order multiple domain names in the most efficient and user-friendly way, directly in your WHMCS client area. This will definitely translate into an increase in your sales!

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    Client Area Features:
    • Completely New Domain Order Form - Supports gTLDs And ccTLDs
    • Multiple Domain Spinners (Name Suggestions) - Based On eNom And OpenSRS
    • Multiple Lookup For Domains In One Request - Supports eNom And OpenSRS
    • Multiple Checkout Of Domains In One Request
    • Ajax Search - One By One
    • External Forms - Three Types Of Lookup
    Admin Area Features:
    • Group TLDs Into Categories & Subcategories
    • Make Bulk Changes On Multiple TLDs:
    • Create
    • Set Pricing
    • Change Domain Prices - Fixed Or Percentage
    • Delete Categories, Prices And TLDs
    • Change Categories And Registrars
    • Add Your Own Lookup Submodules
    • Choose Domain Lookup Submodule - eNom, OpenSRS Or Default
    • Choose Domain Search Form - Multiple Domains, Single Domain Or Category Search
    • Define Prefixes And Suffixes Of Suggested Domains
    • Import TLD Sets From Predefined List
    • TLDs Filtering
    General Info: