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VIP DNS Manager For WHMCS 2.0.0

DNS Manager For WHMCS

  1. Beyond
    DNS Manager For WHMCS
    DNS Manager For WHMCS is a fully featured module that will grant you the ability to provision DNS zones and will equip both you and your clients with a complex toolkit for zones and records management right inside your WHMCS! Owing to a great choice of submodules and unprecedented functionality, the module easily adapts to even the most specific of business requirements.

    As an administrator you will maintain complete control over all DNS aspects and access to a broad range of supervision instruments. You will be able to create various packages with different combinations of settings and limitations which will help you tailor your offer dynamically to the evolving needs of your clients. At the same time, they will greatly benefit from the variety of quick and easy measures to manage zones and records directly in your WHMCS client area.

    The module is an excellent source of facilitations that will prove highly useful in your everyday work, such as the option to send emails to your staff and clients, display logs and view status of scheduled tasks. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the usage of DNS servers along with other important system actions thanks to transparent tables and notifications gathered on the dashboard.

    DNS Manager For WHMCS is a complete state-of-the-art solution for every web hosting services provider. Order the module today to explore a whole new dimension of DNS management flexibility!

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    Admin Area Features:
    • Define DNS Servers
    • Define Packages
    • View And Edit Existing Zones
    • Migrate Zones Between Chosen Servers
    • Import Zones From Chosen Server
    • Define DNS Records Set
    • Set Up Automated Tasks And Execution Time
    • Select Default Client Area Template
    • Toggle Administrator Notifications And Choose Who Send Them To
    • Modify Notifications Email Templates
    • Define Logs And Notifications Settings
    • View Details And Notifications Related To Zones And Servers Load
    • View Information About Automated Tasks
    • View Scheduled Tasks Progress
    • Display Usage Of DNS Servers
    • View Email Notifications Statistics
    • View Logs
    Client Area Features:
    • View List Of Owned Packages
    • Add And Manage New Zones Within Package Limit
    • Add And Manage Zones Records Within Records Limits
    • Restore Zone From DNS Records Set
    • View Zones Limit Per Package
    • View DNS Records Limits Per Zone
    Automation Features:
    • Provision Packages
    • Migrate Zones
    • Import Zones
    • Clear Unused Zones
    • Clear Logs
    Server Settings:
    • Allow rDNS
    • Allow Multiple PTR
    • Use Cache To Optimize Loading Time
    • Define Nameservers
    Package Settings:
    • Define Zones Limit Per Package
    • Define Items (Products/Domains/Products Addons) Purchase Of Which Results In Receiving Package
    • Define Servers Used By Package
    • Define Allowed Record Types
    • Define Total Records Limit
    • Define Record Limits Per Type
    • Define Automation Settings For Creating First Zone
    • Assign Default DNS Records Set
    • Allow Client To Restore Zone Using Chosen DNS Records Sets
    • Toggle Client And Administrator Notifications
    Supported DNS Servers:
    • 4PSA
    • AtomiaDNS
    • cPanel & cPanel DNSOnly
    • DirectAdmin
    • DNS Made Easy
    • DNS Pod
    • DNS.com
    • DynDNS
    • EuroDNS
    • Freenom
    • Nettica
    • OpenSRS
    • Plesk
    • PowerDNS & PowerDNS Hosted (Beta)
    • Rackspace
    • Rage4 DNS
    • RRPProxy
    • SimpleDNS
    • Storm On Demand
    • Zonomi
    Supported DNS Record Types:
    • A
    • AAAA
    • AFSDB
    • CNAME
    • DNAME
    • DS
    • HINFO
    • ISDN
    • LOC
    • MB
    • MD
    • MF
    • MG
    • MINFO
    • MR
    • MX
    • NAPTR
    • NS
    • PTR
    • RP
    • SOA
    • SRV
    • TXT
    • WKS
    • X25
    General Info:
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