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VIP cPanel Extended For WHMCS 2.2.0

cPanel Extended For WHMCS

  1. Beyond
    cPanel Extended For WHMCS
    cPanel Extended For WHMCS automates accounts provisioning and allows your clients to manage their web hosting accounts in the WHMCS client area! The module eliminates the necessity of logging in to cPanel as it relocates many of its functionalities and advantages directly to your WHMCS.

    Your clients will no longer need to leave your website! Everything they need to manage their accounts, websites and services effectively will be found in one place - your client area. With cPanel Extended For WHMCS your customers will be able to manage their FTP accounts, domains, email accounts, databases, applications, backups, SSL certificates and many more. All these in the WHMCS client area, without the necessity to log in to cPanel! What is more, the module lets your clients choose which application they would like to install automatically along with creation of their cPanel account. Moreover, the inbuilt Softaculous and Installatron application installer enables to install, edit, delete, backup and restore the hundreds of web applications!

    That is not everything! Our module will allow you to set up ready products in your WHMCS and configure them in the same way as your cPanel Packages. This is a fantastic and convenient time saver! In addition, you will be able to easily adjust each product and decide which functionalities are available to your clients. A full control in a single pane of glass!

    There are many reasons to invest in this gorgeous module and we presented you only a few of them. You can be more than sure that both you and your clients will be really satisfied with this choice. Choose the most advanced and fully-featured solution for your web hosting business. Choose cPanel Extended For WHMCS.

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    Admin Area Features:
    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Account
    • Change Package And Password Of Account
    • Log In To Each cPanel Account On Click
    • Automatically Unban Client IP Address Upon Logging In
    • Configure Client Area Features And Template Per Product
    • Configure Resource Limits Per Product
    • Choose And Configure Application Auto Installer To Use Per Product - Softaculous Or Installatron
    • View All cPanel And cPanel Extended Products And Servers In One Place
    Client Area Features:
    • Remote Access And Management Of:
    • Applications And Their Backups
    • FTP Accounts
    • Email Accounts
    • Email Forwarders
    • MySQL Databases
    • Cron Jobs
    • Subdomains
    • Addon Domains
    • Domain Redirects
    • Domain Aliases
    • Metrics: Latest Visitors, Webalizer, Analog Stats, AWStats
    • SSL/TSL Management
    • Backups - Manual And Automatic
    • Unban IP Addresses
    • MX Entries
    • Files Manager
    • SSH Access
    • One Click Login To:
    • cPanel
    • Webmail
    • phpMyAdmin
    • RVSiteBuilder
    • File Manager
    • cPanel Single Sign-On - WHMCS V6 Only
    • Change Account Password
    Application Auto Installer Features:
    • Ordering Process:
    • Auto Install Chosen Application After Account Creation
    • Auto Install Application Chosen By Client During Order - Owing To Configurable Options
    • Allow Custom Settings Of Auto Installed Application - Owing To Custom Fields
    • Client Area:
    • Install New Applications With Softaculous And Installatron
    • View And Manage Installed Applications
    • Backup Installed Applications
    • View And Manage Created Backups
    • Restore Applications From Backups
    • Delete Applications Along With Their Backups
    General Info:

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    Version: 2.2.0