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Add-ons Add-on Install & Upgrade 1.3.4

Ultimate tool to Install or Upgrade Add-ons from Zip files, direct from the RM and much MORE!

  1. Beyond
    Compatible XF Version:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    ZipArchive PHP extension, write permission to the server file system or FTP access
    MIT license
    This resource is only for:
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.

    Add-on Install & Upgrade is an invaluable tool for Admins as it aims to make every aspect of add-on management as easy as possible. This includes installation by ZIP files, installation direct from the XenForo Resource Manager or the "good old XML import" method. Finally, it now includes a Add-on Update Manager!

    Whereas the previous version of this add-on required add-ons to be packaged in a specific way, the current version contains logic to scan the files and copy the correct files to the correct directories.

    Install / Upgrade Add-Ons

    Install from ZIP file/s[​IMG]
    With Install & Upgrade you can upload either a single ZIP file or multiple ZIP files.

    Install & Upgrade will work with any add-on (no specific directory structure required). There's no separate page or form to install upgrades either. If the add-on is already installed, it will be detected and perform an upgrade instead.

    What's the benefit of installing from multiple ZIP files? Only one cache rebuild!

    Install direct from XenForo.com Resource Manager

    If you provide a Resource Manager URL, your XenForo username and password then you will be able to install an add-on entirely remotely.

    The latest version of the add-on is grabbed from the Resource Manager and installed automatically. Once again, if the add-on is already installed it will be be upgraded automatically to the latest version.

    Oh... and we keep the Resource Manager URL for another purpose... more on that later...

    I'm old school

    Just in case one of the above methods isn't working, you can always revert back to the old method. If you have uploaded the add-on files already, simply provide an XML file to install as normal.

    One difference is, if the add-on is already installed it will be upgraded for you instead (no need to go to another page to install an upgrade).
    Remember I said we kept the Resource Manager URL? Well, this is one way we can automatically check add-ons for updates.

    If you install an add-on using the Resource Manager URL it will be automatically checked for updates.

    Alternatively, you can configure the updates for each add-on manually.


    An add-on is checked for updates by checking the version number of the released resource compared to the version string of your add-on.

    If there is an update available you will see an Upgrade link, and clicking the Check For Update icon [​IMG] will open the details of the update:


    Sometimes, an update isn't required. You may wish to skip an update completely or maybe the add-on developer didn't update the XML file with the latest version.

    Therefore, you can Ignore an update completely. This will skip the update until the next time the version number in the RM changes.

    Add-ons that have a Resource Manager URL have this icon:

    Add-ons you haven't yet configured have this icon:

    If there are updates available, it is discreetly marked in the Navigation menu:

    Known Issues
    Please be aware of these known issues:

      • Some server configurations may not support Add-on Install & Upgrade
        • If you get permissions errors, please contact your host or server person.
        • The general problem is usually the user which your web server runs as doesn't have permission on the file system to copy, delete or create files.
        • A solution for this is completely beyond the scope of any developer. A server configuration change is required.
      • If you receive an error relating to the ZipArchive class, this means your PHP wasn't compiled with this (pretty standard) feature. Consult your host or server person.
      • "Please enter a valid callback method" will intermittently occur when the files have not yet finished copying before the XML begins to import. Just press back on your browser and click the Install & Upgrade button again.
      • Due to this being a complete rewrite, it is NOT possible to upgrade this add-on using the old version of the Add-on Installer.
      • If you've only ever registered using Facebook then your account actually doesn't have a password at all. To use this feature go and set a password in your Account settings. Once you've done that you can log in with a password. Facebook login will still work too. Just not with my add on (it wouldn't be possible).

      • Download the zip file.
      • Extract its contents to your hard drive.
      • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
      • Complete install via the Admin CP using the provided XML file.